• About Us

    About Us

    Taakeed is a software quality assurance company, founded in 2014 by a group of innovative Saudi entrepreneurs to serve the Saudi marketplace. Taakeed offers its clientele business-driven testing and quality assurance transformation services, leveraging industry best practices. Taakeed’s team is composed of highly educated and experienced professionals, committed to company’s core values:

    1. Trust
    2. Integrity
    3. Leadership and Personal Accountability
    4. Customer Value Creation

    Our services are proven to deliver measurable improvements in quality, reduced time-to-market, cost reduction, and more efficient IT operational processes – helping businesses achieve quality transformation.

  • Vision


    Taakeed’s vision is to successfully contribute to software advancement, and achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Mission


    • Taakeed’s mission is to assure superior quality of IT applications while:
    • Reducing time-to-market
    • Increasing productivity
    • Institutionalizing testing processes
    • Leveraging skillset
  • More


    Today, customers expect to connect to businesses anytime, anywhere, on any device with zero tolerance for error and superior satisfaction. To succeed this digital, 'always-on' world, efficient service delivery and operational excellence are imperatives for enterprises, government organizations, or academic institutions.
    Furthermore, IT organizations are stretched to deliver applications within short deadlines. Subsequently, quality assurance organizations are placed in the spotlight to accelerate testing cycles while keeping defects bare to minimum. This challenge underscores the need for rigorous testing of software applications to ‘Run-the-Business’ as usual. Lack of consistent quality assurance processes and skilled talent lead to deterioration of application quality, resulting in lower customer satisfaction levels
    Taakeed’s business-driven approach to improving testing process provides significant benefits:

    Strategic Benefits

    • Improved customer / end-user satisfaction
    • Business process–based testing; focus on meeting business needs
    • Reduced management overheads
    • Reduced time-to-market
    • Operational Benefits

    Operational Benefits


    • Clear insight into the existing maturity of your test processes and understanding of steps needed to achieve your business-specific goals
    • Streamlined testing processes across multiple application streams as well as re-usage of test artifacts
    • More efficient and effective test processes aligned with your key business drivers

    Learning & Growth

    • Access to industry best practices and experience
    • Build skillset: Embedding capabilities into your organization and ensuring quality across multiple supplier environments


    • Cost reduction, achieved through effective utilization of resources
    • Reduced time to market, resulting in lower test costs while better meeting business needs


    • Unbiased and objective testing from the business users’ perspective.
    • Defect analysis and feedback to the development team for error reduction and early error detection
    • Superior application quality

    We transform your testing function to achieve quality results:

    • We help you identify your key test process challenges, achieve higher level of test maturity, and we ensure test processes operate adequately to their full potential,
    • We’re committed to help development teams create the greatest applications by ensuring quality throughout every step of the lifecycle: From the first line of code, to live in production, and every test in between.
    • Being an independent third-party, our testing practice provides impartial validation and verification services to its clientele. We take responsibility for testing and governance of implementations carried out by individual or multi-supplier applications portfolio.

Our Service

Test Consulting

Test maturity assessment - Taakeed offers independent and objective assessment of your organization's testing maturity in terms of skills, process.. more

Test Enablement

Test Automation- We aim at increasing productivity and reduce time-to-market through reusable test cases and automation expertise.. more

Test Governance

Test governance involves the planning and monitoring of the testing effort and includes control of the testing resources... more

Functional testing

Smoke Testing – This is non-exhaustive software testing, ascertaining that the most critical functions of an application work, but not bothering with finer details.. more

Non-functional Testing

Performance testing – The goal is to find the underlying performance defects, which may cause the application to perform poorly. This involves 5 key areas:.. more

Delivery Model

Taakeed’s strategy includes a consulting led approach, flexible and optimized delivery models to deliver value... more


Identify requirements clearly and uniquely, and ensure they are checked against the following characteristics during the requirements analysis ... more

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